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Десятый. Юбилейный. 30–31 марта 2019

Building IoT devices for fun and profit

The internet of things era is finally starting to happen! We have billions of smart devices coming, from smart plants to smart suitcases, and from smart vending machines to smart toys. But… How can we, as ordinary developers, ride this wave? We’ll need to know how to build embedded devices, build smartphone apps to go with them, and connect devices to the internet. And when we’re all done: how can people even discover our devices?!

Lots of challenges, but one great opportunity. With new tech coming out every day, it gets easier and easier to solve these problems. On the hardware spectrum ARM just launched mbed, which promises to make designing smart devices not only easy, but also allows developers to take the hardware reference designs and go quicker into production. And on the software spectrum Google and Mozilla have been working like crazy on WebBluetooth, eliminating the need for an app per device. And on top of that: Physical Web, an open protocol that gives ordinary devices a URL, automatically popping up in your homescreen when you’re close to the device. How is that for discovery?

In this demo heavy talk, Jan Jongboom will balance the fine line between hardware and the web, showing how to get started on building connected devices on both sides. And while he’s at it, he’ll probably throw some stuff in the air.

This talk should be appropriate for any mid-level developer. The goal is to make people step outside their standard box. Low-level devs will be thrilled to see how far the web platform has come, and web devs will see that embedded work is not as scary as it seems.

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